Monday, October 7, 2013

Georgian Vacation Day 5, or “Lena Finally Does Yoga and Has Real Opinions on it, Based on Real Life Experience”:

I am up around 8am. Gohar was up before me as usual snacking on almonds. THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM.

She asks me the daily question of whether I will do yoga or not. All out of excuses, I agree, mischievously. We have our protein shake, wear our bikinis and put on “yoga clothes” (pretty much running clothes in disguise) and head to the beach. Gohar teaches me some yoga moves for about an hour and it is pretty hardcore. I realize it involves a lot more strength than I assumed and I kind of like it. She is also a good teacher so that helps. We can finally justify bringing two yoga mats.

We go directly to swim and the water is chillier than usual—probably because there was no sun out the day before. We swim for about 45 minutes and as usual it is amazing and refreshing. We finally swim to one of the buoys and Gohar grabs it as a sign of our success. I grab it too because I didn't have an original way to also celebrate. We start swimming back but Gohar doesn't seem to want to let go of the buoy and I tell her it is time to move on with her life. Perhaps it was the yoga that inspired me or that I was still tired from the previous day's humidity in Batumi, but I became obsessed with doing the dead man's float as it is very relaxing. But then Gohar tells me I am going to make the lifeguards think I am dead/drowning and this makes me paranoid enough to only be able to do it for 15 seconds at a time. Crisis averted!

We realize we are hungry and get out to smash walnuts which has become a favourite past-time once we learned how to master it.
Gohar displaying our hidden treasure
We eat and read and head back before noon. We buy some bread, cheese and apples and have a little feast in our rooms with some peppers, cucumbers and carrots we still had. We have naps (what are we, Italians?) and head back to swim in the sun as our skin is now ready. We surprisingly forgot that 2-4 is the hottest time of the day and when all the jellyfish and garbage come out to play. The sun is also in full force. We head in to about our waists, and for the first time, retreat all together. Too many jellyfish and too much garbage. We were wondering why no one else was swimming. We sat to read but it was way too hot and being by the water was self-inflicted torture. We headed back, saying “fail” repeatedly.

Gohar napped and did weird things with her feet while I again tried to, but was instead distracted by Gohar's feet. I took a full on shower now that my body wasn't in pain and noticed that my forehead began to peel which always looks quite dashing. Gohar woke up and wanted to go for a night swim and I was supposed to meet her but I fell asleep and she got back before I made an effort to meet her. She said the lifeguard gave her a chair and said something she didn't understand. When she came back she took a quick shower and we headed off to buy a watermelon. We wanted to eat it with our host-family since it was our last night. We picked (stole) two apples from their tree and found the watermelon that looked the best and also factored in weight since we were going to carry it home. We worried that it was too small and Gohar became paranoid that she would only get two slices. We gave it to our host-dad and he asked when we would like to have it and we said whenever was good for them.

We decided to go for a walk by the beach. The view was completely picturesque with a pink and purple sky with the water looking crystal blue and one star or planet shining. This is the kind of things they put on postcards. We ruined it by talking about what it would be like to be a drug dealer in Georgia and about carrying guns in the water. We walked for 30 minutes or so and headed home. On the way I saw a truck driver watching a Turkish soap opera in his truck and got to an angle where I could watch it too. All soap operas zoom in on angry/surprised people too much. That connection alone should end racism.
We went to our rooms and waited for our host-family to call us to feast on the watermelon we were craving. About 30 minutes later, we thought maybe they didn't understand our gesture and thought we just bought them a watermelon. Or maybe they forgot we were leaving that night and thought we had more time to eat it together. Gohar was becoming surprisinly paranoid and we decided that if they didn't call us by 11pm, we would just sleep, watermelon-less and sad. Soon after, we were invited to share the watermelon. The youngest member of the family, Ana, was particularly excited. She made her father cut pieces and feed them to her, while she told him that Gohar and I would talk to her but she never understood what we were saying. We then found out she thought we were her relatives, and that was why we were staying there. She didn't accept that we were going to be leaving the next day and kept yelling anytime someone said “Yerevan” in protest. We chatted a bit and Gohar and I headed off for the night to be rested for the following day.

We decided to watch an episode of House and again someone died and I wondered if it was the new theme for that show.

Observations: Gohar does weird things with her feet when she sleeps. More on this later.

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