Friday, November 15, 2013

Raw Vegan Power Snack!

I was so excited about this post that I wanted to make the title all capitals, but then felt that it would seem too aggressive, so I compromised.

Since I began making almond milk again, I had a lot of almond pulp in the freezer. I mentioned in my post on almond milk some uses for the pulp, but this time I really wanted to use some of it for a delicious raw dessert. The almond pulp contains loads of protein and is nice and squishy so it can hold things together, so it is very convenient in raw or baked desserts.

I checked my cabinets and found cinnamon, coconut flakes, flax seeds, a few dates and also realized I had some almond milk that needed to be used as soon as possible!
Totally forgot to use the sunflower seeds!
So with just a couple of ingredients, here is a super simple recipe for a snack or even a breakfast! I guess they are technically almond-date balls, but you can easily just flatten them out and eat them like pancakes with some fruit on top and they would go great with some cinnamon/clove tea as well.

You can also add different ingredients of course, and I think next time I will include some ground cardamom, sesame seeds, as well as some coconut oil. For now, here is a delicious raw snack or dessert that took under 10 minutes to create!

After taking my almond pulp out of the freezer, the first thing I did was grind some flax seeds. Flax seeds are rich in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), soluble fibre, and they are also a great "connector" for all the other dry ingredients in this recipe! You can read more about the benefits of flax seeds here. Next up I cut up the dates I had as small as possible. I love dates because they are super sweet but also have a lot of fibre, keeping our blood sugar in check as the sugar releases gradually as a direct result of that fibre. These were super fresh dates from Iran and were quite sticky and hard to cut, but that would be good in the recipe itself:
Next up I just added a little bit of everything to the almond pulp, including the dates, and gave it a good stir. The stickiness of the dates, along with the flax seed powder were holding everything together like I suspected:
Added some almond milk for flavour & to complete the 'glue'!
Once everything was added, I just rolled the mixture into little balls and put them into a container and sprinkled on some extra coconut flakes. I tried one and it was delicious - the dates gave just the right amount of sweetness and all the other ingredients really complemented each other. I will keep them in the fridge so they harden and so the flax seed powder of course does not go rancid. So in just under 10 minutes, a super healthy and convenient power-snack was made! Will look forward to remembering I have these in the fridge on those hectic days:

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  1. I am coming over after work to feed on them. You cannot stop me!