Monday, February 17, 2014

'Pick-Me-Up' Smoothie Featuring Maca!

The German is in town. Many know her as Mona, I just refer to her as my platonic wifey. As it is her first week here, we have been running around, trying to complete an insanely long to-do list we had planned out weeks before her arrival. Naturally, we are getting a bit exhausted.
Today we decided to make a green smoothie - perfect for jam-packing some essential greens in and of course it is also a way to add in some of my 'extras'.

I wrote about a green smoothie post before when I had discovered kale in Armenia, but as kale is out until next year, we focused on some in-season greens like spinach and parsley. We added two imported fruits - banana and orange, and then simply added flax seed powder (benefits can be found here) and maca root powder.

I had taken a long break from maca as the energy was almost a little too much at one point, but I have decided to jump back on that train. Maca is a root vegetable/herb, used commonly in Peru, and it is considered to be an "adaptogen" - working with and supporting our adrenal glands (among many other roles), which deal with our responses to stress.

Even though I was on a break from maca, I had still brought some back with me from Canada, and have decided to begin again, although of course it will take some time to kick in. The only negative aspect for me was that I cannot stand the taste, so a smoothie is a perfect place for it, since I can easily hide its flavour.

We are off to enjoy our pick-me-up smoothie and cross a couple more things off our insane to-do list!
No photo-shop funny business here, just the natural green!
While everyone may have their preferences in terms of "add-ons" or the super vague idea of "super foods," maca, for me, is a staple and lives up to its reputation.

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