Friday, March 7, 2014

Tofu Takeover!

Mona the German did not arrive to Armenia empty handed. Although the jean jackets she brought with our Meat Punx logo were the highlight, the tofu package was a close second. A little too close if you ask me:
Jean jackets > tofu ?!
Tofu can be a vegetarian's dream, if you know how to work with it. Often the butt of cruel meat-eater jokes, it is called tasteless, bland, gross, and so on. EVERYONE'S LOSS, I say! Tofu is delicious and can fit in with so many meals and provides a great protein-boost as well, as it is almost a complete protein (read more about complete proteins here). Little tricks include removing any of the water in the tofu package and freezing it, then letting it defrost. The new thawed tofu will develop little holes within and will become as absorbent as a sponge - so whatever meal you put them in, they will suck up all the flavour and taste amazing.

We saved the tofu package for a special occasion, which I think just ended up being a "hey we have tofu" kind of occasion, and decided it was time to consume it all. Mona the German loves to cook so she did all of the preparation while I finished some work. We make a platonic marriage seem too easy, I know.

We looked in our cabinets and found sunflower seeds, quinoa that was begging to be used and we also had spinach and lettuce handy. We decided on a hearty salad, and we had just bought mustard from the Haleb shop, so we were excited to experiment with the dressing as well. Combining the tofu with the quinoa, seeds, and veggies made this meal a complete protein, so we were happy about that as well. Mona cooked the quinoa, placed it over the bed of greens, cut the tofu in strips and stir-fried it while simultaneously roasting the sunflower seeds (activating the enzymes). She made a delicious dressing featuring the mustard and some local apple cider vinegar, and created this beauty:
Verdict: delicious and filling as a result of the protein combining, and still light and refreshing! Complete with protein, soluble fiber, and raw food (enzymes). Also the apple cider vinegar mimics stomach acid so it helps with digestion as well. The German is ready to make some local man a wonderful bride, I think.

Side-note: Anytime I think of tofu I think of this band, and my title was inspired by this song. Check out the fun song about tofu and enjoy the beginning intro when one of the band members asks people not to bring their dogs to punk shows. Never cool, man.

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  1. From what I researched in the past, both soy and quinoa are complete proteins on their own - quinoa's a seed, not a grain, which gives it more aminos. It should be noted that the phytoestrogens in soy also help lower excess estrogen levels in the body so it's a good choice for those trying to control their hormones!

    Love your blog so far, Lena, keep it up!