Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summertime=Raw Vegan Pie Time!

Last year for my birthday, my friends bought me an amazing blender. This year, they bought me a food processor cause they are too cute. It was bittersweet only in the sense that I can now never say "I would make that...if only I had a food processor". The time of no more excuses has finally come.

When I went to Canada this year, I made a delicious raw vegan dessert, which was probably the first one I ever made without a recipe. It was essentially a chocolate mousse pie. It was so delicious that I made sure to be extra annoying and message my friends in Armenia about it, and of course added my 'I would make it for you guys...if only I had a food processor" line. While the raw cacao powder will have to be via Canada, I realized I can now officially make this in Armenia. Here is the one I made in Canada, which will soon have its Armenian debut (I have no choice).

What you need for the crust:
-Cinnamon powder (optional)
-Coconut oil (optional)
-Process the almonds alone until they become a coarse powder. The goal isn't to make almond flour here, unless that's what you're into:
-Next add the dates (after removing their seeds) and some salt, and you can add the cinnamon powder and the coconut oil as well here. Process all together until it becomes a sticky mixture.
-Flatten it on top of a large pie plate and set it in the fridge to cool.

What you need for the mousse:
-Dates (seeds removed and soaked, for 30 minutes - 1 hour). Keep the liquid they were soaked in!
-Raw cacao powder
-Raw almond butter
-Vanilla or almond extract
(the coconut oil was not included, I just apparently forgot it in the picture)
-Add all ingredients to the food processor, adding more or less depending on what flavour(s) you prefer. Keep the date-liquid handy in order to smooth the consistency out while simultaneously adding more flavour.
Remove the mousse from the food processor, add it directly on top of the almond/date crust and done! Sprinkle on some coconut flakes and cover it, and place it back it the fridge so you can enjoy it cooled. It was delicious and you can add different flavours/toppings to personalize it. You can substitute raw hazelnut butter for the almond to mimic (a much healthier) nutella, for example.
Everyone should be grateful I never wanted to be a photographer
A nice protein-kick and also super-easy to digest due to it being raw, which makes it even more ideal for the summertime! Now to find/make these ingredients in Armenia...

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