Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Georgian Vacation Round 2: Day 2 or "The Hostel that Got Away"

After a wonderful day and night in Tbilisi, Gohar my sister and I wake up and head straight to the mashootka stop to catch one heading to Kobuleti. We find one that is leaving and get on. This driver only made one pee-stop which we all agreed was quite controversial. We got off in an area that looked familiar to both Gohar and I and my sister realized moments after that she somehow forgot her running shoes on the mashootka. My sister and I talked about running in Armenian and Georgia so much that it only made sense that now we really couldn't do it. Officially. 

With our bags we walked down the main street, with Gohar and I determined to find the wonderful hostel we had stayed at last year, where there were twirly stairs and a praying mantis I still think about. It was such a vivid memory that even though it was a year ago, we knew we would find it. I for sure thought the numbers 2 or 4 or 6 were in the address but Gohar had different numbers in mind. We were not worried though, we remembered the look of it and the gate colour standing out. And that there was a "lavash" (aka Georgian puffy oval bread) shop near by we would definitely recognize. After the long ride and walking for at least an hour in the heat, we could tell that my sister was not really into the "we will know it when we see it" indefinite search Gohar and I were so confident in. We stopped to energize in a cafe and Gohar and I made a deal with my sister that we would just walk a little bit longer and if it wasn't there we would accept defeat. But we would not be happy.

We walked and walked and kept on walking and after my sister pointed out that either Gohar or I would say "OH! This is definitely close, I remember that cement colour/grass patch/tree/view of the sea" every time we thought the hostel was somewhere it wasn't. Gohar and I got to the 100's in street numbers and both of us were so sure it was higher up, so we accepted that we either passed it, it moved/closed, or it never existed at all. We walked back up to another house-hostel we had noticed and I think Gohar and I made a secret-mental pact that we would hate everything because we once knew true love and comfort in our old hostel. About two minutes in, the cutest copper-coloured dog ran to us all and started jumping up and down and licking us and I was almost annoyed at how cute he was because now I couldn't be as filled with hate for the stupid hostel. He looked like a fox and had copper eyelashes and we learned his name was Bingo. Gohar said we were hair twins. 
We unpacked our stuff, Gohar and I complained a little more about the hostel, comparing it to the last one, and then we all decided to get some nectarines, apricots and watermelon. A+ to the first two, and the delicious apricots made me feel sad about that hail-storm that destroyed so many of the apricot trees in Armenia. The watermelon was beautiful but had no taste. Symbolic of the hostel? No it was really not bad at all, just not the one we wanted. While munching away, Gohar and I decided to rent bikes and go down the street again, looking even more carefully and going further down. It was cloudy and windy so swimming was not an option, so what else to do than feed our mini-obsession? We convinced ourselves it would be closure. I could hear my sister's eyes rolling.

We rented our bikes, and there were a few times where Gohar would look at me and I would automatically frown my eyebrows so it looked like I was in serious-search mode, when in reality I was humming a cheesy Paul Baghdadlian song and enjoying the wind. ATTENTION SPAN OF A FRUIT FLY.
♫ ASA ASDVADZ DU MEGHKE MER...INCHOU AYS BES DANJOUM ES MEZ ♫  (different location, same idea)
We biked all the way down the street and thought we found the hostel, but it was too dark to be certain, and we realized it was relatively late and didn't want to knock on the doors and then realize it was a house full of people who slept at socially acceptable times. We memorized the number we had reached which did not have a 2 or a 4 or a 6 in it and headed home. We would find it in the light of day. 

We became restless from this potentially bittersweet discovery and all three of us decided to watch a movie Gohar brought. My sister and Gohar thought it was cute but I was so annoyed by it I began fuming. Every character sucked, there was no development, they threw in one famous comedian to make up for the boring and predictable love-story-cheesefest. Right after I loudly proclaimed my utter hatred of the movie, assuming Gohar and Laura felt the same, and then dealing with the awkward silence that implied they felt otherwise, the characters in the film lip-synched all of 'under pressure' by Queen. I felt there was a lesson to be learned - something about not judging things too early. But the movie still sucked and continued getting worse (spoiler alert: the annoying ones get together DESPITE ALL ODDS). We had sub-titles on since the volume was quite low and I realized how off I was for a lot of the lyrics and was relieved that I hate karaoke.

After a day filled with traveling, searching, disappointment, and a surprisingly high amount of hatred (I am getting annoyed just thinking about the movie now), we decided to call it a night and see what our full day in Kobuleti would bring.

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