Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Georgian Vacation Round 2: Day 3 or "Lena as an Embarrassing Parent"

Gohar lies and says it is sunny and I confront her about it. We go for a bike ride with the goal of finding the house and talking with the owner. We are there in about 30 mins and will forever rememeber the address after this: 160. We talk about getting it tattooed and are only 85% joking. We find it and see the sweet woman who remembers us and greets us very warmly and tells us to come stay. Our hearts break a bit realizing we are paying the same price for a lot less. Lessons learned always & forever. 

After the bike ride Gohar and I head to the beach – it is cloudy but warm. We lay down and enjoy the few second intervals the sun shows its sexy face. I look up and see the cutie pie Bingo hanging out with a few other dogs nearby and out of excitement I run over to him and yell his name and I realize I would totally be that embarrassing parent who does stuff like that all the time in front of my annoying kid's annoying friends. Bingo growls at the dogs he was hanging out with when they try to come near me and accepts my petting. After I lay down he starts coming for some more lovin' and is so adorable and rolls over on his back and nudges me to continue whenever I stop. Gohar says we are hair colour twins. A husky comes off leash and starts barking and Bingo stays between us barking and when the husky leaves Bingo does not leave our side. He sleeps by us nudging for love every now and then. I realize he has a bad case of the fleas. 
Gohar decides to go in, my sister follows and I do too. It was refreshing and needed. Gohar realizes she got a little burned on the back of her legs. Those seconds of sun did their deed. 
We decide to buy some veggies for a nice lunch and head to the spice market/shuga. But first we see the best advertisement for Georgian bread ever:
Bread is a very serious matter 'round here.
I buy all of the spices of Georgia as usual and get some for my sister to send to my mom and we meet a woman whose son served in the army in Armenia and died when he was 44. She teared up saying he left her all alone. 
We walked through the shuga and Gohar stopped to buy water where a fiery red-headed older woman asked her my life story ("are BOTH her parents Armenian?!") and then took less money for the water and then returned Gohar's money all together telling me (Gohar translated) that Gohar was a good friend. She tells my sister she looks Georgian-Armenian and tells us about her 5 daughters and how she wanted them to have an education first VS getting married. She then tells us that she wants all women to get educations and jobs so they have independence and that daughters will take care of their mothers forever. She worked non-stop to send her kids to school and didnt sleep. Sons are not the same. She tells us to come back the following day to chat more. 

We see a Georgian folk festival in our area that invites people from different counties and there is traditional dance, music and activities. We watch for a bit and meet some Iranian musicians and see the Armenian flag as one of the participants. 
Armenian flag, represent!
Dance my minions!
Then we see a lot of Armenians who say weird things to us. On the way back we talk to the nene and dede of the house and they ask if we are married and when we say no they say “good”. Very different than Armenia! 

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