Thursday, September 25, 2014

Georgian Vacation Round 2: Day 5 or "Return Stopover" Part 1/2

I am the sleepy head today. I slept early the night before and woke up around 9am to Gohar reminding me it was my last day so I should get up. To rebel or not to rebel? I rise. Just like batman in that horribly cheesy dungeon scene. Slightly less dramatic (and cheesy), but same idea.

We head to the beach and it is a bit chilly with thick dark clouds but after the dolphin and possibly shark situation yesterday (according to Laura of course) we can't let a little bit of bad weather stop us. Bingo greets us at the entrance of the house and leads the way. He again gets between his friends and us and doesn't let them come near me and I feel bad for the black grandfather-esque one. He had sad eyes and Bingo was not helping. 

We watch the handsome older lifeguard play with his speed boat and make too much noise for such a dead day. Gohar thinks he is a show-off but I am giving him the benefit of the doubt because I have become an optimist. It begins to rain but we stay predicting where the dark clouds are heading. We sounded pretentious but still convinced each other that we "got" the direction the clouds were heading in. We were clearly wrong and it began pouring so we had to head back to our guesthouse. One last look at handsome older lifeguard, of course.
Silver fox.
My sister and I decide to leave earlier since there is no point in staying if we can't enjoy the outside. Until the mashootka time, I decided to write and listen to music (found Queen on Gohar's computer), my sister went through pictures on her phone and Gohar read her iBook. We are the poster group for "electronics prevent conversations", if people said that of course.

We notice the new phenomenon of reverse belly-tops where just the back is lifted up. I'll post a poll soon so my readers can vote on whether they prefer this over the classic belly-top. The world must know.

My sister and I begin our return to Tbilisi on one of the most dramatic mashootka rides I had ever been on. With speeding, the driver not looking where he should be looking and turning around to shake our hands while driving, and then offering us alcohol way too many times, as well as cigarettes with a weird smile, chocolate (yes, thank you), khatchapouri, and much more. He made a final pitstop and bought chocolate and for reasons unknown, two red bulls for my sister and I and would not take no for an answer. We indulged in the chocolate and said we would have the red bull later. I had no intention of putting that stuff in me, but remembered a friend saying it actually was a high dosage of B-vitamins and started considering it since I was feeling quite groggy, but decided against it cause I thought it would be like coffee TO THE MAX, which scared my anxious soul. I had extra chocolate and was satisfied with my decision. Of course all this communication was done with dramatic hand movements as the driver and us spoke no common language, which made the fact that he was driving very fast all the more frightening. 

He got a phone call and after that tried to explain something to us for the next 20 minutes, but this time, hand movements weren't cutting it. We could understand there was a problem but not why and to what extent. He eventually called a friend who spoke English and she told us that since the mashootka wasn't full, he would drop us off at another stop, give the driver the money we paid him, and we could go with them and we would for sure have seats so he didn't want us to worry. We were fine with that and he forced us to take the box of chocolates with us, which looked a bit awkward on a new (and crowded) mashootka. We fed the people.

Our new driver was much less animated and older, and quickly took a liking to my sister. Again, with no common language, he was reduced to using hand movements, but as he was less animated, it wasn't as easy to understand what he was saying. He drove much slicker than our previous driver and the ride was a nice one. We had what we assumed was supposed to be our first (and last) pee stop, but our driver motioned for my sister and I to leave the bathroom line and directed us into a restaurant. He had ordered a massive spread of food, including two types of khorovadz (barbecued meat), eggplant, salads, khatchapouri, and much more. He motioned for us to sit and my sister and I hoped none of the other passengers saw us and we began to feel elite while trying not to let it get to our heads (it kind of did). He then ordered three large beers and while of course a driver drinking is never a good idea, my sister and I, thirsty and tired, gulped down the cold and refreshing beer and enjoyed every sip while we munched on the platters of food. After about 15 minutes, it was time to head back on the mashootka. I still don't know if the dirty looks I felt everyone was giving us were real or due to me being paranoid all the time.
I will have one more of these right now, thank you.
Part 2/2 will be on the same bat day, bat channel and bat time next week (I really identify with batman).

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