Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The 'Thank You' Post!

It's been over a year since The Traveling Chamelian began, with 53 total posts, so it's time to say thank you to the people who are responsible for it actually existing, which, surprisingly, doesn't include me.

So, here we go...

Thank you Laura Tachdjian, sister from another mister (jokes...kind of), for giving me the idea, somehow convincing me I would be good at it, and being annoyingly good with marketing and creativity where I can't take credit for any of your ideas. She gave me the idea back in the summer of 2013 and kept pestering me with questions like "did you start yet?" to the point it eventually got into my head that I needed to start this blog. Thank you for being annoyingly thoughtful only the way a sister could.
Bub trying to tell Laura she's adopted
Thank you to Sarah Reid, expert blogger of What Smells So Good, where she has way too many delicious vegan and gluten-free recipes. I sent Sarah so many questions so she was on the receiving end of all my anxiety and nervousness and she answered all my questions, with great feedback and suggestions, and I hope you know how helpful and encouraging you were! Thank you.

Thank you to Araz Hajjar, who I sent an idea to not thinking much of it, with unreasonable expectations ("can you make the chameleon do a kissy face AND wink?") and she somehow delivered exactly what I wanted in the design, minus the kissy face, which I am very happy for. Thank you!!

Thank you to Arpine Kozmanyan, my "work" partner in the summer it all began. Arpine and I both did not have normal office jobs, so she would come over in the humidity of the summer, we would sit on my bed and work together. But that work for Arpine ended up being answering all my questions, editing the layout of my blog, and doing it all with amazing red curly hair I still dream about cutting off and making a wig with. Those dreams come less often now, but my gratitude still remains strong - thank you so much my babooshka! Can't wait to be an annoying nene with you.
"Leave me alone", she said. "No", I said.
Thank you Gohar Khachatryan, for being the "go-to" person for everything, and especially for all her encouragement and her convincing me our travel stories were funny enough to include, and basically turning what would have been just a nutrition blog to a travel AND nutrition blog. Also for traveling with me, testing recipes with me, and laughing at my jokes even when they were only kind of funny.
Also for being so cute of course
Thank you to Allegra Garabedian, for reading over everything and always being my official English expert, even though I still think how I pronounce "intestine" is the Canadian way, and not actually incorrect. Thank you also for taking all the pretty pictures, and if I ever forget to credit, you can always tell which pictures are Allegra's since they are actually nice and not blurry like mine. Thank the warlord Astghik I never wanted to be a photographer.
Allegra laughing while I slowly die on the inside
Thank you to Khatchig Mouradian for being the best editor on the planet. His kind words, encouragement, and ideas really made me want to continue writing and he also helped me understand how to write an article VS blog post (remember by original draft haha :).

Thank you to my platonic German wifey, Mona, aka my German manager. Thank you for reminding me to actually do things off my to-do list, for making me smoothies while I worked, for being filled with good ideas for my blog and for being my partner-in-crime! I had German-efficiency withdrawal symptoms when you left ;)
Mona enjoying an Armenian coffee "to go"
It was just this year that I decided to finally be consistent with my blog and aim to update every Wednesday. My original idea was to write whenever I felt like it, but since I am an inconsistent person with thighs of steel, that would mean updating 4x one week and not writing for three months after and thinking this "worked".

This blog is a way for me to channel my excessive talking into writing, which is good for me, and I think everyone around me--especially my poor room mates. It also encourages me to actually document stuff I find interesting so I can share with those reading.

I love seeing what countries people are reading from, and always wondering how that one person in Lithuania found out about my blog, and slowly dying on the inside from curiosity. I love receiving e-mails from people around the world--whether they be about meeting, having suggestions, questions, or just saying hello.

It also encouraged me to get a twitter account, which I never thought I would do. But I stopped updating it about one month in. Some things never change.

So a big thank you to everyone I mentioned above, as well as to everyone who takes the time to read my blog and those who get in touch with me as well.

I am ALWAYS open to suggestions, so please keep e-mailing and letting me know your thoughts!

-Bacheegs from Hayastan! 

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