Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vegan Fest'14 in Armenia!

I was in Turkey last year right when a friend let me know there was the first Vegan Fest taking place in Yerevan. I couldn't believe my timing, but had enough friends going that at least I would know how it went afterwards.

Apparently there were a lot of apples going around as "vegan food", which is nice, but fell short of course.

This year I realized I would be there for Vegan Fest and as I was translating their event description from Armenian-English for the Facebook page, became very excited as it seemed a lot better organized with many different organizations taking part and there would also be vegan food beyond some fruit.

There was no set schedule, but DiNGO Animal Lovers would be there with dogs available for adoption, Street Workout Armenia would show off their skills, there would be lessons on slack lining by Step Slackliners, a performance of breakdancing, Bicycle + NGO would be there and give free lessons on biking, soaps and other products that were vegan, local and free of animal testing would be available, there would be open yoga classes as well as musical performances. There would also be a few tables dedicated to providing vegan food, including a contest for the best dish. There was mention of a free market I was super excited about since I organized many in Canada, but I did not end up seeing that there.

The motto was "Ընտրիր կյանքը", which is "Choose Life".
Here are some pictures of the second Vegan Fest in Yerevan by Allegra Garabedian (you may notice I am biased towards DiNGO):
I swear the amount of initially scared children who then fell in love with the dogs after confirming they did not bite was heartwarming. 
This was my highlight - nothing else compared to this cutie pie dog eating my ear.
Anahit has already adopted two street dogs, and this dog was making it very difficult to not make that number three.
Breakdancing begins - a bunch of youngsters showed off their skills!
Slack lining lessons - I didn't try this but thought about it a few times before being distracted by the dogs.
Some of the remaining food I forgot to eat!
The event could not be complete without some Einstein quotes translated into Armenian. I thought the guy said I could keep this but was awkwardly mistaken and pretended to be cool about it. Stiff upper lip.
There were a bunch of musical performances and talks from vegetarians, vegans, and raw foodists as well. Compared with what I heard about last year's event, this one seemed to be a great step forward and I hope to see it continue and participate in it as well next year!


  1. Hi Lena! I went as well to this event, but I must have missed you — as well as the food :( I was there between 2 and 3 pm (thereabouts) and saw the slack lining and the yoga. The Street Workout Armenia guys had just arrived but nothing was happening yet. I also saw some bikes being fixed so I guess Bicycle+ was there. Saw the tables but no food :( I guess they started some stuff late, eh? It's too bad that there wasn't a clearer agenda to the day so people could come for specific events. For instance, I came specifically to see what food options there were yet nothing was set up yet. It's a good initiative for sure, but I was a bit disappointed, to be honest.

  2. Hey Adrineh! Sorry to have missed you - I got there around 3pm, and the food tables were set up - one by AEON and the other I am not sure, I think it was from people who volunteered to bring home-made dishes. It looked quite tasty, I just didn't get a chance to try it. I think there is room for a lot of improvement, not sure why there was no set schedule as there were talks I would have come earlier to hear, but from what I heard about last year's event, this one seems to have made a huge step forward, just needs to be organized better! Let's join forces with them next year :)