Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Warm Winter Dessert!

On Tuesday December 3rd, Yerevan officially had its first snow. In Canada this would never have taken so long, and while it is always pretty in the beginning, I have really enjoyed one of the longest falls I have ever experienced.

Now that it is officially chilly, it is time for teas, soups, and essentially hot things to reign supreme. Goodbye room-temperature chocolate and frozen desserts. But what can we replace these delicious things with?

Cooked/stewed apples. When you are craving something sweet, cooked apples may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but they are surprisingly delicious and super-sweet, as well as a very quick dessert to make (I focus on this because I do not bake).

You can add all the spices and add-ons your heart desires, and include some nutritious ones so you get a dessert that satisfies your sweet tooth (or teeth) and also make it a POWER DESSERT (I'm flexing now).

My favourite mix of spices/add-ons for cooked apples are the following:
-Cardamom pods (not the geghev...never the geghev)
-Cinnamon powder
-Cloves (apparently an acquired taste, but a sophisticated one nonetheless)
-Coconut flakes
-Some nuts or seeds to increase protein content and make it more filling

Just pit and chop up the apples, leaving the peel on since that tends to be where a lot of the nutrients are found. Then put them in a pot or pan, add some water and turn the heat to medium. Stir to make sure the apples soak up the liquid and add more if needed - they should become somewhat soft and mushy but not fall apart. Add all the spices above (go easy on the cloves) except the coconut flakes and let it steep a bit all together and then turn off the heat. You can cover it with a lid and let it cool down.

Serve in a plate or bowl and then add the coconut flakes. I just prefer them a little crunchy rather than soft which is why I add them later. I went with sunflower seeds this time, but any seed/nut would work well too!
After it has cooled down a bit, I sprinkle on some flax seed powder to up the fibre content and get some EFAs.
Action shot!
And there you have it! Warm, delicious, nutritious, vegan, and super easy to make. While others bake their fancy desserts, I will cook my apples and postpone learning how to bake for another day.
Final result!
Fun fact: I used to eat apple seeds and the core like nobody's business when I was young and wild, and then I learned that the seeds actually contain small amounts of cyanide in them. I stopped eating the seeds after that and now wonder if I have a cyanide-resistance thing going on or if I am slowly but surely dying.

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