Monday, March 2, 2015

"Skip Water, Guzzle Vodka" Article Published in Ardziv Magazine!

In what can be considered perfect timing, after this article was published naming Armenia as the number one country with the worst diet in the world, my article for Ardziv came out, focusing on the good, the bad, and the downright strange in terms of local Armenian dietary habits.

Titled "Skip Water, Guzzle Vodka: Health Hearsay in Armenia," I write about some strange trends I discovered in Armenia, the reasons behind them, as well as what I have learned from locals in terms of nutrition!

Check out the article here on page seven!

Side note: I had initially included a small section on the insanely high usage of plastic bags in Armenia, but since it was meant to focus on food and nutrition, it didn't make the cut. Here it is for all my interested blog-babies:

"Another one in terms of habits many environmentalists I know would absolutely abhor is the excessive use of plastic bags. You could buy a stick of gum no bigger than your pinky and it would still be put into a plastic bag—sometimes two. Saying you don’t need one can be equivalent to getting a “tourist” tattoo on your forehead, the shopkeeper laughing and insisting on a plastic bag or two, or in some cases, some heated debates...[Reasoning behind it]...a coworker was asking a friend of ours about a cloth bag she was carrying and mentioned that in Soviet times, everyone used cloth bags and eventually, an abundance of plastic bags meant things had become better economically. That explained the reaction carrying cloth bags had – and why shopkeepers would insist on giving you plastic instead."


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  2. nstructions on how to ditch a plastic bag:
    Refusing a plastic bag actually means telling a cashier you won't need a plastic bag as soon as you approach them before they get a chance to put your gum in two plastic bags. Sometimes you might have to tell that twice. Sometimes if you're not quick enough, they would point out that they already put the gum in the plastic bag. Do not despair. Take a breath, smile, take the plastic bag from their hands, take the gum out, leave the plastic bag on the desk, apologize, explain why plastic bags are evil in one short sentence and leave.