Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Toronto's Garlic Festival!

Being downtown for a month means that I can finally be less sketchy in attending all of the events that are always happening in Toronto.

With a German by my side, it also means I have to be everywhere on time--if not earlier. Against my true nature, I rebel whenever possible. For the Toronto Garlic Festival that took place on Sunday September 18 from 9 to 5, I convinced Bjorn we should go later on in the day cause no one really wants to smell like garlic at 9am. We arrived around 3 after a long walk, but before entering decided to cool off in the shade and of course play backgammon:
The Little Prince!
We went in shortly after and were impressed right away by the cute stamps, and it took me about four photos to get this one because I am an artist:
It was just $5 to enter for the day, and the crowd was quite impressive, all surrounding the various booths inside and outside:
We were promised garlic shots, garlic popsicles, garlic beer, garlic fudge, and a lot of other garlic-based foods and drinks. We prioritized:
Shortly after, we were offered our complimentary garlic shot. I assumed it would be shots of juiced garlic but boy was I wrong. A full garlic clove was crushed directly on our wrists and we were instructed to eat cilantro and then suck on a lemon sliver, like a tequila shot. We both did it and grew stronger immediately:
After realizing that we missed all the workshops, we went inside to see some of the different booths to try some samples. Bjorn tried black garlic and I tried garlic fudge and we were both really impressed and lived vicariously through each others' experiences. We ventured back outside and I saw the booth selling vegan garlic pospsicles with grapefruit and gamay wine. Absolutely delicious and I even tasted a hint of the garlic in it!
He doesn't look impressed but he was!
After that we just walked around more, checking out the different areas but had to leave shortly after to meet a friend, who we felt bad for since we had both just taken raw garlic shots. The festival was fun and the stuff we tried was delicious and next year I would actually come earlier to make it to some of the workshops!


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