Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Vegan Cheese Options Available at Canadian Chains Pizza Nova & Pizza Pizza!

Hello dear blog babies! As a result of a vegan Facebook group I am a part of, I learned that both Canadian pizza chains Pizza Nova and Pizza Pizza carry vegan cheese! The former uses Daiya shreds and Pizza Pizza uses Violife.

When my parents wanted pizza a few weeks ago from Pizza Nova, this tidbit of info came rushing through my head since I of course do not have access to Apiecalypse Now! uptown. We split the pizza to be half regular, half vegan and I added olives and mushrooms and if it wasn't for those two toppings, I wouldn't have known which side was the vegan side:
Before even trying it I of course had to add a generous amount of crushed red pepper, and then took my first bite, very happy with how creamy and delicious it was:
I have yet to try Pizza Pizza's option so will do that soon and report back--but in the same vegan Facebook group, Sara Pirri posted this delicious looking vegan panzerotti (she confirmed the dough was vegan) from Pizza Pizza:
While I am now in a phase of trying to make my own wild and specialty homemade vegan cheeses*, I am so happy these chains are carrying dairy-free cheese as it is such a convenience--especially when going to any social gathering where pizza is the superstar and knowing you can so easily make some of it vegan!

*aka I bookmarked 50+ vegan cheese recipes and keep writing reminder notes in my agenda to actually start experimenting

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