Friday, March 3, 2017

Review of Mormot's ROM Athletic Jacket!

Winter is slowly (and stubbornly) coming to an end. Besides the little bursts of snow these past few days, the weather is warming up and the sun is shining. That means many things, one of which is being able to put away massive heavy winter coats and opt for something lighter.

This is where I've always had trouble. I've used the same windbreaker for the past few years despite the fact that it doesn't really protect me from the wind yet is heavy enough to make me sweat--which is especially inconvenient when biking or hiking. I've tried on a few other options and have found the same problems--the worst being a type of netting that is found in so many of these jackets that in my experience means the jacket is not flexible, not comfortable and will make you sweat even when you are shivering cold. So when I was offered the chance to review a Marmot athletic jacket courtesy of Altitude Sports, you can bet your boots I agreed.
I ordered the women's ROM jacket in medium and in black. I read that it is windproof, water resistant, durable, breathable and is made with an adjustable hood. After making sure there is no netting, hoods are the second biggest deal for me in terms of these types of jackets. Well designed hoods are not only perfect for chilly weather, but also suitable for rain, snow or wild winds and when made properly, can replace both a hat and a scarf.

When it arrived, I was so impressed with how lightweight it was and how nice the fabric--a mix of polyester and elastane--felt. It's also fitted, and therefore much more flattering than my previous windbreaker--which made me look like a box (not pictured!):
But I needed to take it out for a test before I could give it a stamp of approval. There was some snow and it was quite chilly that day, but not cold enough for a winter jacket. Without a scarf or a hat, I went on my hour walk, doing a light stretch before:
I felt very comfortable and warm without getting sweaty. The softshell protects you from the cold while the durable material conforms to your body shape, making it super comfortable. When the winds became particularly strong, I tried on the hood, and I have to say, the hood alone could have sold me. It has a cap component, which makes it perfect if it rains or snows (none of which was happening that day) and covers your entire head keeping your ears super warm and you can also adjust it to make sure no wind gets in. I loved it so much I made a collage:
When I came home, I was so happy with the results of my jacket, that I'm officially packing it on my upcoming trip to Europe where I will definitely get in some hiking and camping. Instead of using my uncomfortable windbreaker along with a hat and a scarf, this jacket is my new 3-in-1. You can check it out here, and while it's a good chunk of money, it is also warranted to be free of manufacturer defects for life, so you can consider yourself set!
Official stamp of approval!

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