Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Banana Ice Cream Three-Ways!

I wrote about when I first experimented with banana ice cream last year, and how impressed I was with how delicious it was. What I should have noted though, was that bananas are not one of my top fruits--and I don't like banana flavour or chunks in ice cream, and never add them to my smoothies. So no one was more surprised than I was when I realized that FROZEN banana as an ice cream base is the best.

Frozen bananas that are blended or processed provide an incredibly creamy and sweet base, and the flavour is neutral enough that you can make them taste like just about anything. So while I enjoyed my almond butter ice cream from last year, it was time to experiment, and experiment I did. The three flavours I focused on were chocolate coconut, matcha green tea, and mint chocolate chip. All options are three ingredients or less, and no ice cream maker is required!

Just a note: If you have a Vitamix (one day I will join you) you don't need any liquid. My food processor and Magic Bullet need a little help from their non-dairy milk friends to get things moving along.

Chocolate Coconut:
What you need:
-1 to 1.5 frozen bananas (I did a photo-guide here)
-1-2 TBSP cacao or cocoa powder (make sure there are no additional sweeteners/ingredients!)
-Optional: coconut flakes or 1 TBSP of coconut milk

-Blend or process it all together. Really. As mentioned above, I do not have a Vitamix :( so I have to add some liquid-power to get it properly blended, which is usually almond milk.
-Top with some coconut flakes and enjoy! If you are going for coconut milk, just blend it with the other ingredients.

Matcha Green Tea:
What you need:
-1 to 1.5 frozen bananas
-2 tsp matcha green tea powder--just a note, while matcha can be pretty pricey, as is the case with most things buying in bulk is much cheaper, and I even found it at Bulk Barn (times are a-changin')
-Optional: goji berries

-Blend or process it all together.
-Top with some goji berries (again, much cheaper when bought in bulk)--they will freeze a bit but then provide such a nice crunch, followed by some serious chew. And the colours complement each other nicely.

Mint Chocolate Chip:
I know you are supposed to lie and say you love all your babies creations equally and alternate them fairly, but I am in obsessive-mode with the mint chocolate chip option. I always loved that flavour in general, and seeing how easy it is to make has opened a new world for me, and I am enjoying this one regularly now. Join me.

What you need:
-1 to 1.5 frozen bananas
-1-2 tsp peppermint or mint extract. Just a note to go easy on the extract since the first time I made this I went wild and put in way too much and it felt like I was eating spearmint gum-flavoured ice cream.
-Optional: dark chocolate chips, chunks, or cacao nibs

-Blend or process it all together.
-Top with some form of chocolate (you can also add them in while blending).

Update: I recently had an insatiable sweet/chocolate tooth so I just skipped the chocolate chips and put two heaping tablespoons of cacao powder along with the peppermint extract and it was dangerously good. The photo is not great, but only because I was in such a rush to swallow it (and because I suck at photos). This is my new favourite child version:
So there you have it. With frozen banana as your base, you can mix and match flavours and get creative with delicious results. Next for me is a sorbet-inspired option (sour power). The world is mine!

Reflections: The dates I added last year were completely unnecessary and I never add them now. So the only sweeteners in these ice creams are the bananas themselves, making the ice cream 1000x healthier than any store-bought option (yes, even vegan ones). And to save on time and to make sure I always have access to banana ice cream, I just keep a bag of frozen bananas in my freezer at all times, which makes this dessert not only super easy and healthy, but also super quick to prepare. So instead of eating one banana plain, use these recipes to add some mint, matcha, or chocolate to your life!

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