Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mini Obsession: Stainless Steel Straws

I don't even care how random this post is. When I drink water--and yes, I am the annoying person who drinks a lot of water and then has to pee all of the time--I enjoy it best with a straw. I use straws for most cold drinks, including my smoothies (fascinating stuff, I know).
I get why you are so happy
We had a package of plastic straws from some time ago, so I would use one (washing it from time to time) and reuse it until it would essentially disintegrate. I knew it was wasteful, but since we already had the straws I just figured I would use them until they were finished and then drink water with my mouth like a commoner.

Before my supply dwindled too far, I searched for BPA-free plastic reusable straws, and that search led me to find metal or stainless steel options. I initially thought they seemed silly since they would not be flexible, but then decided to get into obsessive mode and hunt them down and see them for myself. I considered ordering them online when I couldn't find them in any shops or supermarkets, but then one day a friend found them in Whole Foods while I was somewhere in the chocolate section:
It was love at first sight. A four-pack stainless steel straw set and it even came with a mascara wand cleaner. I was sold. I took them home, washed them, and used one right away. Verdict? These straws have changed my life. I kid you not, they make drinking anything more enjoyable. They keep the liquid colder and mine have a little curve (there are straight options too) so when I am in my angry-eyebrow work-mode, I just keep my water by my computer and conveniently take sips of that cold delicious drink, which is perfectly positioned thanks to the straw.

In case anyone is wondering, this is not a sponsored post. I just really really really love these straws and they have changed the part of my world connected to drinking. I went from being an annoying person who always wants water to an annoying person who travels with stainless steel straws and there is no going back from here. I even told a friend in Armenia I would give her one and now plan to "forget" so I can have them all to myself.

I think I paid $7.99 for these babies and they were worth every penny (aww I still keep forgetting the penny is out in Canada and still try and use them).
Me at every shop before I am gently embarrassed
In all seriousness, not only are these straws great, they are a much better option than plastic straws. Try them out and join me in mocking mouth-drinkers!

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