Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Zatik Sunscreen Review

Hello dearest blog babies! For those of you who check out my blog, you know I did a review of Zatik's deodorant, which I absolutely love since it single-handedly upgraded my standard of what deodorants should be able to do for a person.

The wonderful Zatik team were kind enough to send me some samples, along with the Zatik Mineral Sunscreen Moisturizer, which I have been impatiently waiting to try out (summer in Canada this year is a rainy fall in disguise). According to the website, it is:
"Formulated with: non-nano zinc oxide incorporated with organic ingredients and light on-skin oils for daily UVA and UVB protection while providing needed facial hydration. This moisturizer is rich with vitamins, succulents herbal extracts and oils that balance natural delicate facial and neck oil levels."
While some of my previous posts have alluded to the fact that nothing annoys me more than applying sunscreen--even if just on the face, I do make an effort to wear it to avoid getting burned, especially since 98.5% of hats are always too small for my apparently ginormous head. I also go for long walks during the day (my excuse to listen to full albums) and make an effort to avoid the dreaded "sunglasses tan" by wearing it on my face, neck and exposed areas, but still hate every second of it (#adult).

While I do tend to buy and use "natural" sunscreens that are at least free of a bunch of unnecessary fragrances and ingredients, they are usually more expensive and take a lot longer to evenly spread out and get absorbed by the skin. This results in me looking like I am wearing a foundation 18x lighter than my skin tone meant for a self-conscious ghost. The greasiness--that takes 3 hours to absorb--also means my nose becomes extra...slippery, resulting in my sunglasses slowly but surely sliding off. Reason #486 why I hate applying sunscreen.
I feel you, little child.
Once I had Zatik's Argon & Yarrow option, I tried it out on the first relatively sunny day (mid-June). It is SPF 25+ (from 10% non nano zinc, castor/argan oil and Ester C) and let me just say that I had to remind myself I was using a sunscreen. It is so light, and your skin essentially sucks it up as soon as it is applied, with no foundation-esque residue left behind. It is fragrance-free, but the scent is wonderful, I guess as a result of the argon and yarrow. With my sunglasses defiantly firmly planted at the top of my nose, I went for my walk and returned home with no traces of a burn, absolutely delighted that it worked.

For a cruelty-free, vegan, natural broad spectrum sunscreen, Zatik has yet again raised my standards and I now refuse to walk around looking like I'm competing with Voldemort (poser reference since I don't read or watch Harry Potter). In the pictures below, I compare/contrast Zatik and its application with that of my other natural sunscreen brand*, which is SPF 30. I dedicated one-half of my face to each option, putting about the same amount on each side.
Second brand on the left, Zatik on the right

Note that Zatik is on the left (therefore right side of my face). While the other brand's application looks dramatic and almost purposely not spread out, I promise you this is after about 30-45 seconds of vigorously applying and spreading it. The second photo is about 20 minutes after the initial application (I wanted to wait longer but also wanted to swim), and you can still see that damn white residue refusing to become one with my skin!

In terms of face and neck for everyday use, Zatik is my new No.1 choice for sunscreen. The bottle I have is $24 USD, and unfortunately it won't be available at Winners like the deodorant, so if you are in Canada and want to check it out, ordering online (or picking it up on a trip to the U.S.) is your best bet!

*I'm not naming the other brand because although it leaves behind an obvious residue, it does work and I do intend to finish it, so I don't want to give it negative 'publicity'. I just prefer Zatik!

**My eyebrows aren't usually so uneven (I hope), the second sunscreen slicked one down during application :D


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