Tuesday, October 24, 2017

GoGo Quinoa Super Grains Pasta Review

When GoGo Quinoa asked if I would be interested in doing a review of their latest creation, Super Grains Pasta, the name alone had me very excited.

The Laval-based Canadian company, which sells everything from grains to cookies, was named the Globe and Mail's #1 gluten-free pasta in 2014 and has now launched a "game-changing" pasta made from a "blend of chia, quinoa, sorghum, and amaranth super grains."

As a result, the product boasts 8g of protein and 6g of fibre per cup, and is also a good source of iron. I have no digestive issues with gluten, corn or soy, but for those who do, the Super Grains Pasta is free from all of those ingredients. I was sent a package of the pasta, along with a box of the new double-chocolate quinoa cookies:
You had me at double-chocolate
The pasta is described as having an "al dente texture" that "goes well with all sauces." Challenge accepted. I decided to prepare it as a pasta salad, cooking it per the instructions and then pairing it with some veggies and a dressing. The pasta itself is really pretty:
I cooked it for about 10 minutes, and gave it a nice rinse in a strainer under cold water. I sampled the pasta alone before mixing it in with anything, and the description is correct--it has a perfect al dente texture, which I usually miss the mark on when I am cooking regular pasta. In terms of taste, I didn't see a huge difference when compared to conventional pasta, which is a good thing since I love conventional pasta. It was between white pasta and whole wheat pasta, the latter of which I enjoy, but can always spot. This definitely seemed like a good compromise. 

I mixed it in with some spinach, tomato, onion and celery, and then added a mustard/lemon/vegan mayo dressing, topping it with my dwindling supply of Marash pepper:
My pasta salad was absolutely delicious. I tend to group myself--to the disappointment of all Italians--in the "soggy pasta lovers" category, but I did appreciate the texture and how the pasta held up in this salad. Two thumbs up from me. Next up was dessert:
First things first, I wish the company didn't individually wrap all of the cookies. They're all going to end up in the same place (my stomach), so it really isn't necessary. The cookies, once unwrapped, were nice and firm, and really good. They tasted like a mix of cookie and cake batter, and the extra chocolate chips were a very welcome touch. This particular flavour was the newest addition to the now three-strong cookie line, and I have a feeling it will become very popular. I felt full after just a few (they are quite small), and I am chalking that up to the protein and fibre, thanks to the quinoa and chia.

For those interested in trying GoGo Quino's Super Grains Pasta, it is currently exclusively available in Costco stores in Eastern Canada, but as of November, it will make its debut in both supermarkets and health food stores!

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