Hello and welcome to the Traveling Chamelian! First of all, "Chamelian" isn’t a typo, but a clever play on the “ian” that is a common ending to Armenian last names :)

My name is Lena Tachdjian and I am a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (C.N.P.), who studied philosophy before that (why) and am now interested in writing and journalism...and making YouTube videos, apparently!

I was inspired to begin this nutrition and travel blog as a result of having to find that fine balance of adapting without compromising, while traveling and being out of my comfort zone.

This blog chronicles finding that balance and will include recipes, articles, vegan inspiration, substitution ideas, nutrition tips, reviews and much more! It will also feature travel stories – mostly because I enjoy writing about being in different and interesting environments, and also because I will include snack and food ideas for activities like hiking, camping, running, and general traveling!

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